Why do we do website audit?

You have a live e-commerce website for example, with no so much traffic coming your way, you are making every effort to bring traffic, but nothing working. You are clueless as to what has gone wrong with your website. This is why the website audit is very important for any business website.


But, how do you go about doing this? This is where digital marketers come into the picture with their immense knowledge and expertise to conduct a website SEO audit. They use tools or software available to audit websites online.


The website audit is an integral part of SEO tactics and techniques used by many professional digital marketers. Any business that wants to flourish and grow online needs to from time to time conduct an audit for its website. An audit report will give you a deep understanding of the health of the site, the safety of the site, social media engagement, optimize conversion rate, SEO that is negative, competitor site analysis, content that is duplicate, etc.


But, once the audit is completed, how do you know what the audit report says? When a digital marketer takes specialized course in Digital Marketing, they will learn the nuances of reading the audit report of any website, hence if you want to be able to understand and take action on the suggestions made, it is better to take a course in Digital Marketing.


Alternatively, many Digital Marketing websites can help businesses by conducting an audit of their websites, prepare an audit report and take action on the report. Eventually, you will see the website traffic grow.


Advantages of a website audit:


The following are the advantages of a website audit:

  • When you look at the technical aspect, your website will get crawled better by search engines
  • For a better visibility, the audit report will help you identify page errors and provide suggestions too for errors like links not working or broken links, missing meta title or meta description, keyword mismatch, keyword stuffing, etc.
  • Through auditing, you can also compare your website with your competitors, take a peek at their SEO strategies and can also adopt the ones that are relevant to your website.
  • You can know the site pages that are engaging and accordingly format the rest of the pages to replicate that page.
  • You can maximize the conversion rate by choosing competitor keywords and use these targeted keywords in the content strategically for the targeted audience.
  • You can improve on increase social media presence based on trending topics or news
  • Through auditing, you can also know if any web pages have insufficient content, and then accordingly increase the content.
  • It makes your SEO strategy better


Conducting an audit report every two to three months is an ideal prerequisite for any website. A Digital marketing audit report is essential for any website to stay ahead of their competitors.


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