The Ultimate Hashtag Strategy

For those who do not relate to the word ‘Hashtag’ and the symbol ‘#’, it is most widely used in social media posts by one and all. For Digital marketers, the hashtag is a very important tool to amplify reach, they even create hashtag strategies and did you know that every social media platform has its own kind of hashtag.

What is a hashtag and how do you use it?

A hashtag is nothing but the symbol # followed by a group of words or phrases added in social media posts. You can see such hashtags almost everywhere and is used to write like this #alphairt, #digitalmarketinginstituteinindore.

Hashtags have been around for 10 years, but when did hashtags grow important? Hashtags are used for every post since it generates more viewer engagement than a post without it. Hashtag phrases are like keywords that make posts with them more searchable and reachable, hence it answers the question, Do hashtags increase engagement?


What do hashtags actually do?

When you post content on a social media site and you would like your content to appear in searches by people who are interested in that topic, then placing hashtags will make your content appear in searches more easily.

The importance of hashtags for marketers has led them to strategize their social media posts based on trending hashtags. It is important that you are well versed with the latest and trending hashtags and the best strategist is the one who creates a simple hashtag that becomes a trending hashtag.


How do you create a hashtag strategy?

Creating a hashtag strategy depends really on the social media platform on is sharing on. A study shows that on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, the more hashtags you place the more engagement is seen whereas one or two hashtags are enough to gain the attention of users on Twitter. A hashtag strategy will definitely help you generate more revenue, especially if you create a unique hashtag that will trend.

It really depends and differs from company to company on the different hashtags one uses. Hashtags are of three types:

  1. Brand or campaign: This is where you hashtag your company name or a campaign or event you have been running.
  2. Content: This is where you hashtag content like blog or video or text you have written and want them to be searchable by people who are interested in your brand or product or services.
  3. Trending: This is where you hashtag popular and trending keywords that are relevant to your brand or products or services.


How do you use hashtags effectively?

Effective use of hashtags will help a business boost follower numbers on social media and also increase sales leads. Creating an effective hashtag however depends on a Digital Marketer’s skills and knowledge.


How do hashtags help businesses?

Businesses that use hashtags use it to:

  • Create Brand awareness
  • Easily searchable on social media platforms
  • Increase social media traffic
  • Engage with existing and new leads
  • Direct social media traffic to business website
  • Increase sales
  • Growth in business and profits.

Businesses and companies rely on Social Media Marketers to help them do the above and only a good marketer knows the best way to use hashtags effectively.

Want to know more about hashtags? You are at the right place. Are you interested to master the hashtag strategy? Speak to Alpha IRT’s Faculty to know more about our Social Media Optimization course.


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