The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Marketing

Mobile Advertising or Mobile Marketing has seen a rocketing rise. People use their smartphones to search for businesses they are interested to buy services and products from.

Businesses are tuning into the idea of creating mobile-based ads in the form of SMS or MMS that use videos, memes or images, which can again be shared hugely through chat Apps like WhatsApp and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. With businesses launching Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android, customers can buy anything in just a few clicks.

What is Mobile Marketing?

A simple Mobile Marketing definition is where businesses market products and services to target mobile phone users using multiple media services. With mobile marketing, businesses have another avenue to monetize where they optimize their website or launch an App that can be easily used to target users based on their location or last order placed, etc.

Mobile Marketing

Types of Mobile Marketing:

  • SMS: SMS or short message service is widely used by businesses to communicate about sales, new products, discounts, etc. 
  • MMS: It is an SMS that includes multimedia content like, memes, videos or images. Consumers are excessively using Apps like TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest to create images and share them through MMS also. 
  • Mobile App Advertisements: Businesses that invest in Mobile Apps motivate customers to download their App and easily buy products and services. Through mobile apps, businesses again have a huge opportunity to run mobile app advertisements for sales, apps, etc., and with the timely notifications on mobile phones, customers are spoilt for choice between various deals and offer like black Friday deals, Christmas day deals, etc. According to a Forbes report, in 2018 businesses globally spent 62% on mobile digital ads, 12% more than in 2017. 
  • Mobile Commerce: Buying and selling of goods and services through smartphones and tablets. As a form of e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access online shopping platforms without needing to use a desktop computer. Examples of m-commerce include in-app purchasing, mobile banking, virtual marketplace apps, etc. It is of utmost importance that businesses customize their websites for mobile phone users too.

Trends In Digital Marketing For 2019 That A Business Must Adopt

Your mobile marketing strategy must adopt the following two types of marketing:

1. To build a Mobile App and

2. To become M-commerce ready or mobile web ready

According to App Annie research, between 45%-50% consumers used a combination of mobile web and mobile App to shop, which means it is high time that businesses adopt both these types of mobile marketing.

Strategies For Mobile Marketing:

  • Mobile-Friendly Website: Since mobile users browse websites more than from their desktops, it is vital that businesses make their websites mobile-friendly. E-commerce businesses like Amazon, Walmart and Flipkart have already invested in customizing their websites to become intuitive and give customers easy user experience. 
  • Advertise Through Mobile Apps Or Games: Advertisement of product or service through gaming apps is a good idea for mobile marketing. Marketers use their brand name or product in a game or an app by simply taking some sponsorship. For example, in a car racing game, developers use the name of the cars brand on behalf of some payment. Messages can also be placed between the game to advertise the brand. 
  • Use SMS Marketing: Many businesses like Victoria’s Secret uses SMS to send customers information about discounts or sales. 
  • Use Email Marketing: Again Email marketing comes in handy to introduce your new Mobile App or a mobile-friendly website. Create a Campaign that is mobile friendly to inform your readers that you are moving with the times and have a mobile app for an easy shopping experience. 
  • Get Registered on Google Business: Being on Google Business gives your business to increase brand visibility by appearing on Google mobile searches for keywords related to your business and give more footfall to your local store. 
  • Use QR Codes: QR or quick response codes have become a way for businesses to use shorter ways to help customers buy on their websites using mobiles. It is much simpler and involves lesser steps to complete the transaction and takes a user straight to the product listing, instead of the user searching for the listing on their mobile. 
  • Create a Mobile App: Mobile App as we know are great ways to stay in touch with customers, with reminders about sales and discounts notifications are sent to customers. Many businesses also give discounts to customers who use their mobile app to buy products. It is also safe even after mobile is stolen, as users can lock the app and all their information is password protected. 
  • Social Media engagement: Mobile phone users engage in social media sites more than desktop users. Hence, targeting your users on social media is also a great way to reach out to potential mobile customers. 
  • Multi-channel Campaigns: Create and run multi-channel campaigns that cover all kinds of avenues, which compliments mobile marketing. You cannot totally rely on mobile marketing; balance the use of social media, newspaper, search engine Ads, Social media platforms, etc. 
  • Mobile Blogging: Blogging has always garnered a lot of love from readers and search engine sites alike. Google loves sites with informative blogs and ranks them highest when users search on Google. Hence, create beautiful, informative and useful content on your blogs and then share it through email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, etc. 
  • Integrate Your Website and App: Integration is the key to success in digital marketing. Integrating your website and app to work together and in sync will keep your customers happy and you will score huge on customer happiness.


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