Social Media Optimization – Convince and Convert

Social Media has taken over our lives and workplace, where people are mostly seen browsing through social media platforms. This has given rise to Social Media Optimization by businesses to attract, convince and convert the digital-savvy lot.

What is Social Media Optimization or SMO?

Social Media Optimization is where a business social media company page is optimized to build brand image and for brand awareness.

Steps to follow by businesses to conduct SMO Marketing:

For businesses, SMO Marketing needs to be approached through strategic planning.


  • To understand which social media platform works for a business and which does not. For example, if your business is into home construction, having a company page on Instagram will surely benefit your business to gain customers.
  • Every platform is different and hence the same post on multiple platforms may not give you the same result, the demographics may be different and the time people are active on the platforms differs. Hence every platform requires an individual strategy like Facebook SMO Strategy, Twitter SMO Strategy, etc.
  • Analyze the specific customer segments you want to attract using Social Media optimization tools on individual platforms.
  • Using a hashtag strategy in posts also goes a long way; this can be done by targeting customers based on keywords that people usually search for or highly clickable keywords.
  • Add a relevant profile picture on all your social media accounts, a company logo is the best way to associate your social account with your company.
  • The key to engaging the audience on social media platforms is to update the profile with interesting and informational posts.
  • If you are posting about your services or products on a daily basis, it may work on Twitter, but may not work on Facebook, so make sure to know and implement the marketing campaigns accordingly.


Looking at the new trends in digital marketing, businesses need to adapt and adopt Social media optimization services that tap into the social media audiences. When we look at statistics from early 2019, we can see that in the US alone, there are around 80% internet users on Facebook. So, you can imagine the power and scope of having a social media strategy for each platform for a wide audience reach.

But, just reaching audiences is not enough, even if you have a great product or service, you need to be able to convince them about the benefits of your product and services if they buy, and then convert them into leads. This is the major step that lies between your business and the customer. You need to highlight the point to them – How your product or service can improve their current situation and provide customer experience? What are they missing out if they do not buy your products or services? If you pose these important questions in your posts on a regular basis, your audience will be convinced to convert into sales leads.

Businesses who require professional and best SMO services of a Social Media Optimization Company, who have social media optimization experts who understand the requirements of a business and strategically move towards brand image building on social media platforms.

Learning the nuances of Social Media Optimization techniques will help you as a Digital Marketer in your career growth as well as benefit all the businesses to which you provide your services.


Speak to our Career advisers on what social media marketing can do for a business owner or a Digital Marker?

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