SEO Trends That Will Be Important In 2019

Every year SEO or Search Engine Optimization has evolved from mere optimizing of keywords to now using optimized videos and images. Every Digital Marketer has a daunting question bothering them – How to improve SEO in 2019? They are slowly waking up to the fact that the future of SEO is about what people search and who is providing answers to those questions. Customer delight is the epitome of what SERP pages want to achieve and tweaking your site accordingly will rank you in their good books.

Using Google Analytics for statistics and reporting of your site data can help you a lot in determining the best ways to resolve website page-wise problems like, how to choose keywords for SEO, etc.

SEO Trends

Important aspects of SEO in 2019:

  1. Artificial Intelligence: It is high time businesses tune into adopting the latest technology in SEO. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the in-thing. The best example of it is the king of Search Engines – Google. Google’s Rank Brain, a machine-learning based search engine algorithm uses AI to rank pages according to relevant, structured and accurate content in accordance with the keywords searched by users. So, Rank Brain is used by Google in synergy with links and content.

    So, how do I use Rank Brain? Or how Google algorithm works? Answer to those questions is that you have to search the intent behind the keywords, meaning you need to find out:

    Why those keywords are used by the user? Why is the user asking that question?

    Then, think about appropriate and accurate answers for those keywords. Blending the three together

    – User-searchable keywords,

    – Relevant content and

    – Genuine links to your site.

  2. Voice Search Optimization: Google’s voice search engine, Google Assistant is a futuristic project. Google Assistant AI is a virtual machine that answers questions on a voice-activated search engine available on mobile phones and computers. It is resourceful in searching the Internet, set up events calendar and alarms, configure settings on the user’s hardware device, and display Google account details of the user. In future, Google Assistant is expected to do many tasks like recognize objects and use a camera of a device to collect visual data, and assist in financial deals, etc. (source: Wikipedia). In a study by ComScore, 50% of people will use voice searches for all their searches by 2020.

    So, your question should be, how do I optimize content for voice search? How do I make my website Voice friendly?

    Since Voice Assistant primarily works on mobiles, using keywords that resonate to what the user is asking is the clue. Voice keywords are different from text keywords hence, do a little research and maybe do a voice answer practice session of what a user may ask. It is also great if you use a voice search tool like Algolia.

  3. Image SEO: You may have noticed that when you type a keyword in Google search, you are given Web links below, but there is also an Image Tab right next to the Web Tab. Many users prefer the visual search engine, and a study shows that 19% of search queries come from image searches.

    How do I improve my Google Image results?

    Using unique, attractive images with high pixel quality, combined with a user-searchable keyword label will surely get your images ranked on top. The best place to start with posting images is Pinterest. You can say that Pinterest users plan for the future, they are future buyers and according to Pinterest itself, there are 75 billion ideas on its platform, so optimizing your image for your users is increasingly essential.

  4. Content Curation: Content Curation is nothing but a collection of researched and relevant content about a specific and intriguing topic or area. So, when you club content curation along with Rank Brain SEO, you come up with a new combination of searchable keyword answers which Google Page Rank recognizes. It is effective if you use long keywords along with short keywords for a more dynamic display of content.
  5. Google News Optimization: The next big topic is Google News. The first step towards this is to understand that to feature on Google News you need to first create a Google News Sitemap (Google team needs to first approve your website).

    Featuring articles on Google News works differently from ranking web pages on Google search. The difference is the content itself. Why do you read the news? The answer to this question is simple, the news gives you information about something or some event that happened recently like, the why, when, where and how. So, if you want your website content to feature in Google News, it must be new, current, original, news-oriented and not promotional or sales-oriented. Don’t forget to add Meta keywords and Meta description.

    According to the Pew Research Center, 58% of users receive news on their mobile phones. Hence, your site also needs to work on improving the technical side of the website. Your website should be mobile-friendly and able to load fast.

  6. Video Optimization: Who doesn’t like watching videos? If you still haven’t thought about a video marketing strategy 2019, then you better get started right away. According to a 2018 study by Statista, out of all the internet users, 85% watch videos every month on their mobile in the US. This shows that video search engines like YouTube, Vimeo are excellent platforms to divert traffic to your website. Creating videos of your website products or services with an aim to provide information or help in the form of video tutorials is a great way to build followers and convert potential customers. YouTube video statistics show that 98% of business owners have been able to better explain their product or service to their customers through videos.

Therefore, to stay above your competitors, to increase genuine traffic, to build authentic links, you must concentrate on creating content that is optimized (text, image, video, and voice) in compliance with page rank sites.

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