Lead Generation Techniques; Organic and In-Organic

You have a website, you know your target audience, but you are not sure how to increase lead generation? It is kind of difficult for a website owner to understand and even know how to generate leads if you are not well versed with online lead generation and SEO techniques and not a digital savvy person.

This is where lead generation companies can help you with

First, let us understand Lead Generation Marketing. The lead Generation process of marketing is where a company involves various tools and techniques to attract customer attention towards products or services that lead the customer to enquire about your products or services and sales initiation happens.


Lead generation methods

There are two major lead generation techniques,

  1. Organic lead generation
  2. Inorganic lead generation

Now let’s take a look at them closely:

  1. Organic Lead Generation:

It is where organic inbound leads are generated when the lead has visited your website by searching for your services or products on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is also the simplest meaning of what is the lead generation in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Time to learn SEO Marketing and use it on your website.

 Organic marketing is a slow process where your leads or potential customers come to you naturally and not through Ads or posts on forums or blogs etc. In this kind of marketing your website content and keywords, you have used are crucial in bringing traffic to your website. It is highly important that the website content must be such that it is posted regularly, it is searchable, relevant to searches by people, helpful and compels the reader to buy a product or service. Under this having a helpful or informational video on your website also can help you appear on search engines and rank you higher on SERP pages and get you SEO leads.


  1. Inorganic Lead Generation:

B2B lead generation works well when the strategy is made on adopting various Lead generation strategies. This is where paid advertisements or paid tools or posts or strategically placed links, social media are used to generate inorganic leads and traffic to your website. This is one of the fastest ways to generate leads but companies must have a budget for this.


Types of Inorganic lead generation:

  • Email Marketing campaign: Email Marketing is a great tool to use to promote products or services of businesses, provided they are used ethically and keeping in mind that you are not spamming. Rather, you segment and target your audience in a subtle manner.
  • Social media campaigns: One of the popular campaigns which have seen evident results is Facebook lead generation Campaign. A good example is the election win of Donald Trump in 2016. He and his team used Facebook to run campaigns, write posts to targeted groups, based on gender, location, age etc.
  • Forum posts: This is another very popular way to generate B2B leads as well as B2C leads. Here posts or comments with links are placed. However, unless your information is relevant and helpful, the forum administrators may ban you from posing further.

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