Is Voice Search Changing SEO?

Choose something the user was going to do anyway – and make it easier for them.

The digital world is dynamic. What is voice search? In this modern era, the influence of voice search on the user is becoming more significant. What can be simpler than users speaking out their queries, and digital assistants provide with the answers? It has become one of the fastest-growing segments of consumer electronic devices, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This technology is faster and also, helpful for users who find it difficult to type.

Modern generation users are mostly mobile-friendly and maximum searches have been done on mobile devices. As per the report, mobile voice-related searches are 3X more likely to be local-based than text searches.

How Voice Search Is Changing SEO?

Voice Search

In the past few years, the number of people using voice search has increased tremendously. Now the question is, why so?

Out of many reasons, the major one is that humans can actually speak up to 150 words per minute, whereas on average, we can only type 40 words per minute. For voice search marketing just see how convenient voice search is becoming. People can instantly find the answers to their queries, simply by asking the question, whether they are walking, sitting down or driving. This helps to make the search for content more convenient and in turn, comes hands-on with mobile first indexing and optimization as users are relying on their mobile devices more with each passing day.

According to a survey by ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. It has brought major impacts on digital marketing efforts. The traditional working methods of SEO’s in companies will no more be in use after a few years. This has caused companies to re-evaluate their digital marketing efforts and look SEO differently.

Why do we need voice search optimization?

When it comes to your Search Engine Optimization strategy, you need to be willing to do two major things – learn the keywords effectively and adapt to the future SEO strategy. The reason behind the first one is that, the importance of targeting what your audience is looking for. The second comes from a number of different things. For one factor, changes in Google’s algorithms could make certain strategies more effective or outdated. In other cases, it’s the particular method people search for information that’s changing. This is where voice search comes in.

Voice Search vs. Text Search

Format of Queries

Choice of Device

Natural language

User Search Intent –

User-generated queries mostly begin with words like, which, what, how, when, etc.

The generated answer carries the proper relevancy based on users search intent.

The major thing that plays an important role here is the language spoken by the user.

46% of the users look for a local business daily through voice search.

What is the Future of Voice Search SEO?

Future is all about advanced technology. With time, users are getting smarter and like to keep themselves updated with the latest and trending technology. Newly introduced technology takes time to reach their potential users. As it gets adopted, the previous technology becomes outdated. If we look at voice search in 2019, its users are less in comparison to text search. We can also observe a massive change within users, as technology is capturing the market at a rapid rate. It will take just a year from now when the ratio of these users will be opposite to each other as it is clear that technology of voice search has a bright future and so does the voice search SEO.


It is a generation of smart users with smart technologies. If you want to run for long in this era then, obviously you will have to work with advance planning. No doubt the upcoming market is of voice technology and the benefits of Voice Search optimization is that it will surely give you fruitful results in marketing strategies. Thus it is time to really discover and understand what your audience is looking for. And to ensure your content or campaigns are created and optimized in a manner that makes the discovery by search engines as easy and digestible as possible.

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