Is Guest Blogging Still Helpful For SEO In 2019?

Blogging is trendy and has been, since 1997. Blogging is where a person or blogger writes posts in text adding videos or images in a blog or an online diary. A blog is an informational informal dairy of a blogger.

There are two main types of blogs – personal blogs and company blogs, which are used extensively. With so many blogging sites, you are spoilt for choice like,, etc. However, companies usually have their own blog page or site, where people or companies can follow their blog.

In blogging, guest blogging is another way to increase traffic to your blog and has garnered a lot of attention and is very popular.

What Is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging?

There are many personal blogs or company blogs that invite other bloggers or people who approach blogs. To be qualified as a blogger, one must be a popular writer, have authority and have a fan following to write guest blog posts for other sites.

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging has quite a few benefits and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Create high-quality content that is informational. It is an effective SEO technique to be tracked and listed on SERP sites like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Increase traffic to the blog
  • Target the right audience
  • Expand the number of readers
  • It is one of best link building techniques. Read our informational guide to link building
  • Establish an authority in your field or industry

The above benefits of guest blogging show how trendy guest blogging is and answers your question, Is guest blogging still in trend?

How To Find Sites For Guest Posting?

There are many ways of finding sites for quest posting; some of the ways are listed below:

Search Engines And Social Media: Like everything else we search online, search on Google or Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn with specific keywords on guest blogging like “guest bloggers wanted”, “guest posts”, “write for us”, “post submission” etc. Scan the list of searches and accordingly narrow down the first 5 sites or blogs that accept guest bloggers in the area of your interest.

Blogging Communities: Become part of a blogging community, by doing so you will come in contact with other bloggers with similar industry or topic interests and have a bigger fan following than yours and accept guest bloggers. When all the above boxes are ticked, make a list of blogs or sites.

Blog Search Sites: Blog search sites like Google Blog Search, Search Engine Journal and Blog Search Engine are a great way to find for sites in your niche industry or topic area.

Comments Box: Check your own blogs for comments by other bloggers, and reach out to them and inquire if they are interested in letting you become a guest blogger for their site.

How Do I Approach For Guest Posting?

One needs to have authority over a niche topic or industry. Once you are an established blogger with a good fan following, you can use the following guest blogging tips to be able to write a guest post for SEO:

Gather Contact Details: Once you have a list of blog sites that accept blog posts from guest bloggers, it is time to gather contact details like an email address or submit a form to get in touch with them.

Introduce Yourself: Approach them through the community or directly through an e-mail, introduce yourself and give a brief intro about your blog.

Interest In Guest Blogging: Show your interest in guest blogging and offer to be a guest blogger for their site.

List Your Best Blog Links: This is where you need to list down all the exceptional blogs you have written so far and your fan following. You need to convince the other blog or blogger that your writing has weight and can attract more people to their blog if you guest blog for them.

How Do I Write A Guest Post For SEO?

Writing a guest post for SEO requires you to keep the following points in mind:

Guest Posting To Build Links

Know The Blog Audience: Understand and get to know what the audience is looking for, interact with them through various blog communities and write according to that.

Writing Format: Make sure you adhere to the blogs’ writing format. If the blog uses mostly text content then, bombarding it with images or videos will not do you any good. Keep the format of your guest blog same as the blog, that way it is appealing to the fans and readers too.

Add Value: Your main aim in writing on a topic must be to increase or add value to the blog and as well as to your reputation.

Research Extensively: Sometimes you may have to do extensive research on a topic, take your time, let the blog know that you want to be thorough and require more time.

Consistent tone: Your writing must echo a strong but neutral tone and maintain a consistent tone with your writing style.

Guest Blogging Techniques You Must Follow:

The following are the best guest blogging techniques that work for us and you will also benefit from:

Maintain Quality Content: Quality content can never go wrong, so make sure you concentrate on quality as much as the quantity or length of the blog.

Write Original And Unique Content: Writing content that is original and unique always resonates well with readers and ranks high on SERP.

Invitation To Visit Your Blog Site: Within the guest blog content, have a special link of your star blog article that takes them to your site. According to some successful bloggers, if you have a separate landing page on your blog site for visitors to your site then, a formal invitation to readers to join your blog for more informational content can go a long way.

Share On Social Media: Once your guest blog has been posted, share it wherever possible; use all the social media platforms you are part of. Sharing gets your blog in public eye and increases readers and subscribers, and those who require guest bloggers may approach you for guest blogging opportunities.

Learn From Mistakes: Sometimes, your first guest blog may not attract as many readers as you had expected or you may receive negative comments or suggestions from readers. Do not be disheartened by that, learn from your mistakes and incorporate the suggestions in your next blog article.

Your guest blogging aim must be to increase your readership and email subscriptions and not to sell a product or service. The content must be genuine and show your best work.

Upskill with more guest blogging techniques that work for your blog and see your blog reputation and audience grow with AlphaIRT’s Digital Marketing courses.


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