Importance Of Nofollow Links In Seo

You might have often come across the terms “Nofollow Links” and “Dofollow Links” in SEO, not knowing their importance in the journey of your website online. When websites started abusing the link-building technique by spamming and harvesting links to appear in Google PageRank through black hat techniques, Google stepped in and inspected the situation with the two types of links.

What Is Nofollow Link?

A nofollow link is the naturally embedded in a link which comes from Forum sites, untrusted sites according to Google, Comments boxes spammers, the content generated by users in blogs, images or infographics, and paid links. Popularly sites like Wikipedia, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. sending out links are Nofollow links. Nofollow links have made the life of SEO bots very easy, by letting search engine crawlers know that they do not need to count them.

What Is The Use Of Nofollow Link?

There are quite a few benefits of Nofollow links in SEO, some are listed below:

  • Cannot be penalized by Google
  • Brings traffic to your website through organic clicks
  • You build credibility and trust
  • You spread awareness about your website
  • You get traffic through referrals
  • Possible conversions
  • Can build more links to your website
  • Wider audience reach
  • Backlink diversification.

Though Nofollow links do not pass through link juice, they still generate traffic.

What Is Dofollow Link?

Dofollow links are links that are not specifically tagged as Nofollow links. Google ranks websites higher when it tracks credible links coming to your website which is also known as link juice. These links get tracked by search engine bots and appear in PageRank of Google and show the authority of your website.

Now that you know what is Dofollow and Nofollow links, it is easy to check if a link is either of them – by looking in the source code or using a tool like SEO Moz Toolbar.

The main difference between Dofollow and Nofollow links are Dofollow links passes the link juice and directly affect the website authority and ranking. While nofollow links only help to increase referral traffic and increase brand awareness.

Why Nofollow Links Are Necessary?

Nofollow links are naturally generated or can be placed and hence Google loves your honesty and you eventually build trust for any future links (Dofollow or Nofollow) coming from you, and you are spared being penalized by Google and can have a positive effect on your website ranking.

The point to be noted is that Nofollow link will not fetch you any points unless and until the content you are actually promoting is not helpful and informative to the readers. Ultimately, the reason your links will get followed (even if you have a Nofollow tag) is that the content is high quality and worth sharing for your readers, they are benefiting from your content and will be happy to share your link or follow through.

In a case study by Blog.techniks, Nofollow links worked like magic for a client of theirs. Though the case study was from 2014-2015, the fundamentals still apply, Google and other SERP sites will be actually happy to save their time, where their bots ignore Nofollow links specified by you.

How To Make A Link Nofollow?

It is easy to make a Nofollow link.

  • You need to add the Nofollow tag in your link: <a rel=”nofollow” href =>Link</a>
  • Revisiting the many sites you might have posted your links on in the past and adding the Nofollow tag or removing the link will surely help you score big with SERP sites in the future.

Timely Backlink Analysis:

It is always good to analyze your backlinks from time to time. For this, we have discovered two really cool Google Chrome extensions, ‘Free Backlink Checker by Link Research Tool’ and ‘Automatic Backlink Checker’ for your website. You just need to download the tool in Chrome and analyze all links, like broken, unverified, Nofollow, Dofollow, internal and external links.

Is Nofollow Link Good For Seo?

Bloggers and Digital Marketers are warming up to the fact that Nofollow links are good for SEO. It is high time Nofollow links with tags get their due respect as Dofollow links get. Nofollow links though seem undesirable, however, they are one of the main reasons for bringing traffic to your website as long as you are not spamming.


Nofollow links need to be balanced with dofollow links to get the desired results in SEO.

It is always good to revise all the links that come to your website, a really helpful tool is Link Detox which automatically generates a Disavow list for Google, find and clean bad backlinks and much more. This way your website is safe from Google penalties and improve your site ranking too.

Digital Marketers need to learn and understand the right methodology of using both the links for an optimal balance between them, not hurt your website’s reputation and eventually see results through sensible SEO techniques.

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