How To Increase Twitter Followers In 2019

Twitter is a happening social media platform which started its journey in 2006, and in a span of 13 years, it has wooed everyone from celebrities to politicians to businesses. A very cool and fun quote we came across on Twitter on the @twitter account caught our attention and it goes like this “Sorry we can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the Tweet.”

A recent study done by forecasts that the number of Twitter users will see an estimated growth of around 247 million by 2020 from 262.7 million in 2018, which might be a 4.57% increase in users. Another study by Statista shows that the United States is the top country to have 49.45 million users until April 2019, followed by Japan with 38.36 million users and the United Kingdom with 14.1 million users. This alone shows how businesses and people have openly and wholeheartedly taken to Twitter to write the shortest message possible that is really fun, catchy and creative.

How to Gain Twitter Followers In 2019:

Creating a Twitter account is easy however building followers can be difficult. However, you can achieve the fastest way to increase twitter followers in the following ways:

  • Good Twitter profile:

Create a good profile that is attractive and appealing to others. It must include a good bit about you or your business.

  • Follow your followers:

The golden rule on Twitter is to follow your followers, that shows you are here to build connections.

  • Clever Tweets:

Use of clever words or content must be such that it grabs a readers’ attention. First always check out the trending, best hashtags for Twitter Followers like #TES2019, #cryptocurrency, #womensday, #pressforprogress and many more. It really depends on your topic of interest, so put on your thinking caps and get going.

  • Scheduling your tweets:

There are many free software or tools that will let you schedule your tweets depending on when you want to broadcast them like Hootsuite, Twittimer, Zoho, etc.

  • Tweet several times in a day:

Tweeting several times a day will make sure your followers are attentive to regular tweets.

  • Consistent and Quality Tweets:

It is also important to maintain consistency and the quality of tweets must be really good. If you send 6-7 tweets in a day, suddenly decreasing the number of tweets can make your followers disinterested. Keep your content clean and progressive. A tweet with fresh and shareable content will generate a lot of re-tweets.

  • Sync all your contacts:

Sync every connection you have from mobile, laptop, email or social media with Twitter, so that you can reach out to as many people as possible.

  • Follow someone new:

It is always good to browse through your own connections for more new connections. You will be surprised to notice that you could have something common with many others and can connect and build on that commonality and increase your followers.

  • Follow businesses or people who inspire you:

Following other business in your industry or people who inspire you is a great rule of thumb.

  • Comment or chat on other’s tweets:

Just tweeting is not enough, you need to also keep in mind to comment or chat on tweets of others including your followers.

  • Re-tweet yours and others tweets:

Re-tweets are as much important as tweets since you not only share good information with your followers and contacts but also make your presence known.

  • Tweet on latest topics to stand out:

Keep followers interested in tweeting great content using the latest news or topics that are trending. Example, with the latest English movie that released, was Spiderman, tweeting something cool using that piece of information can start a flood of comments on your Twitter handle.

  • Use free Twitter Follower Tools:

Using twitter follower tools like Crowdfire, Manage Flitter, Tweepi, etc. will help you a lot to follow or unfollow users and manage users in an effective manner.

  • Learn from a professional institute:

If you are not confident or would like to learn how specializing in Twitter Management can further your career or how Twitter can help you promote your business, joining a reputed professional Institute like Alpha IRT will definitely help you get a good number of Twitter fan following.

  • Analyze your Twitter account:

Regular monitoring and analyzing your Twitter handle by syncing with Google Analytics will help you in changing your tone in content or any other changes to increase traffic to your business site from Twitter.

Without a doubt, the above tips are the best way to get twitter followers, clubbed with good humor and presence of mind will help you create amazing tweets that will surely help build your follower numbers tremendously.

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  1. Sheen Ben Philip

    Thanks for the tips. I have been trying to leverage Twitter to promote my personal blog. Just out of curiosity, is there any point in running paid follower campaigns? Are they worth it?

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