How To Do Email Marketing? Learn The Basics

With the growing use of various forms of Digital Marketing globally, companies and businesses use Email Marketing as an essential Digital marketing tool. To stay on top of their competitors, businesses are in dire need of getting in touch with as many customers through email and are required to send unlimited emails per day. But businesses also lack professionally certified Digital Marketing Managers who can take the company’s Digital Marketing Plan to execution. Hence, it is important to learn the basics of Email Marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

For a Digital Marketing Manager, Email Marketing is a very important tool where they send promotional emails to a targeted audience about the company’s products and services. Email Marketing has evolved, now marketers focus on sending personalized emails and conversion-driven content.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing not only helps in keeping a long-lasting relationship with existing customers but also aims at reaching out to prospective customers. This is proved by a quote by Martin McKenna, Izettle “Existing customers’ email experience should be just as good as prospective customers’ experience.”

Types Of Email Marketing:

There are many types of Email marketing one can learn about, but there are mainly 5 that are important and used widely in businesses, and as a Digital Marketing Manager you must know how to go about creating target and ROI based email marketing Campaigns:

  1. Welcome Email: The moment a customer registers or signs up on a website, a welcome mail is sent to them within 24 hours, where a confirmation link is also included on which the customer needs to click, so as to confirm if the email is valid or not. This is the very first mail sent to a customer, so it needs to say how happy the business is to have them as their esteemed customer.
  1. Newsletter Email: These emails are weekly, fortnightly or monthly. They usually want to let the customer know how the business is going or special offers they can avail for the week or month. These need to be regularly sent and have to be precise.
  1. Product Launch Email: A product launch is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. According to, an email campaign on the launch of their product SERP Watcher saw an average of 25.7% unique open click rate. The product launch of Ford Figo Facelift was done by ICICI Bank, which is giving its customers a chance to own the new card by Ford by taking a car loan.
  1. Survey Email: Survey Emails must be short and sweet and actually deliver what they are saying.
  1. Offer Email: Offer Emails are usually the ones that appeal a lot to customers, especially if a business is offering them a discount or giving something FREE. A study shows that about 93% of people use discount or coupon code in a whole year.

Uses Of Email Marketing For Business:

The three main uses of Email Marketing for a Business are:

  1. Customer Reach: Email serves as a great way for businesses to reach out to their customers. Especially, personalized emails. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2018 email marketing statistics show that the $1 businesses spend on Email Marketing, their ROI (return on Investment) is $32, which is 30% increase in profits.
  1. Grow customer base: The main aim of a Digital Marketing Manager is to grow the business and acquire more customer base for its company and a smart email marketing campaign will do just that. Research by Statista(2019) on email marketing shows that by 2022, email users will grow to 4.3 billion, which is a huge scope for any business.
  1. Build reputation: As a Digital Marketing Manager you must be able to build a strong business reputation of the company and staying in touch with timely emails to customers helps in maintaining the goodwill of the company.

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