How Social Media Is Useful For Digital Marketing?

Social Media includes a variety of websites or applications that one uses to socialize, share music, videos, thoughts, pictures, etc. with family, friends, and acquaintances. Some popular social media channels that people use are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Social Media is playing an essential role in generating potential business for organizations. Social Media channels are evolving and incorporating advanced technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) to bridge the gap between businesses and customers.

Creating shareable text and video content on Social Media channels is the most desirable skill for all businesses focusing on Digital Marketing. It is important to understand why learning social media marketing is useful for effective digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Uses of Social Media in Digital Marketing:

Business Exposure: With growing social media users globally, businesses are by far investing in social media experts who can expose their business by implementing digital marketing strategies that are result oriented.

Increased Mobility: Through social media, businesses are seeking to attract customers who are on the go and can access business websites from any location.

Quick Content Sharing: Social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Snap chat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are extensively used by businesses to quickly share useful information about their products and services in text, picture, and video formats.

Smarter than traditional marketing avenues: According to Smart Insights 2018 report, there are over 3 million social media users so, the potential to target customers through social media platforms is way higher than traditional marketing.

Increased Traffic and Profits: According to Ignite Visibility 2018 research, 75% of businesses with social media presence have seen an increase in traffic to their websites and social media pages and increase in profits.

Wide Demographic reach: Through social media, businesses and brands can target a wider demographic of audiences.

With unlimited uses of social media in Digital Marketing for businesses, organizations are evermore looking for individuals with Certification in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategy expertise and deep knowledge about Social Media Optimization who can generate leads, build brand presence, drive sales, increase customer satisfaction and keep track of progress through analytics.

Key skills required in Social Media Marketing:

A Digital Marketer must be able to devise a Social Media Marketing Strategy for the business and integrate multiple social media platforms in the following ways:

Facebook Marketing Strategy:

The strategies in Facebook Marketing require a Digital Marketer to know to manage a company’s Facebook Page by introducing latest trends like short shareable video ads, use Go Live and Augmented Reality (AR) tools to promote the business products and services. Apart from that, target audience according to demographics, run timely text ads, increase page engagement numbers, increase subscribers to the page, manage ads, track ROI, optimize all content, etc.

Instagram Marketing Strategy:

Instagram is a great platform for a business which appeals to customers who can be wooed by beautiful pictures and images, like a restaurant, where customers like, share and review their dishes. Use promotional tools like Go Live to drive sales.

YouTube Marketing Strategy:

YouTube has transformed the way people use their mobiles, people prefer watching and sharing video content rather than read the text and hence, it is essential that you optimize your videos for SEO so that it is searched, like and shared. It is important to be aware of your business competition in order to increase followers on the business YouTube channel.

Twitter Marketing Strategy:

Being on top of marketing on Twitter is to keep up with trending news and topics which impacts your business. Your goal must be to create SEO complaint twitter posts that can be tweeted and re-tweeted and ultimately generate leads. Tweets with embedded images and videos also are largely shared across platforms.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy:

Pinterest is another platform which uses images, and infographics are a great way to incorporate trending and SEO complaint text and images to promote and create leads. Create boards which can trend ex: a fashion house can create a ‘Wedding Collection’ board and feature their exclusive collection which can bring traffic to their website.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

LinkedIn is an under-utilized platform and is misunderstood as merely a job portal. It actually is a great place to run business ads to promote your company products and services, like educational institution can run an advert for their courses.

Reddit Marketing Strategy:

Reddit is another social platform which appears to have gained a lot of popularity, according to comScore 2018 report, 65% of users who are on Reddit are not on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, which means your business has a golden opportunity to target that 65%, through high-quality content.

In order to have extensive knowledge about the above social media platforms, it is essential to choose an integrated and advanced Diploma and Masters Certification in Digital Marketing, and your search ends with AlphaIRT (Alpha Institute of Information Technology), a renowned and leading Digital Marketing Institute in Indore where you learn the nuances of social media digital marketing and increase your chances to accelerate your career and get headhunted by top companies.

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