How Growth Hacking helps a business?

A famous entrepreneur, Sean Ellis was the one who introduced the buzzword “growth hacker” in his blog in 2010. According to Sean, Growth Hacking marketing is where a marketing boost is given to Start-Up businesses that are at an initial stage, have a limited or small budget and require growing the business rapidly in a short time.


However, the beauty of Growth Hacker marketing is that it can be applied to any type of business that has the goal to grow, whether it is a new business or an established one or after a merger. Growth hacking strategy is like any other marketing strategy that aims for product reach, business growth, generate leads and retain customers for a long time.


What is Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing?

Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing is where the Growth Hacker uses various types of marketing styles and experimental techniques simultaneously like Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, viral marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, A/B strategy testing and more tools and techniques to spread awareness about the business in order to increase leads and grow the business.


Why is growth hacking important?

Growth Hacking is important to take your business from a zero income to a billion-dollar business in no time. This is how many small start-ups have had successful business growth, like Spotify, Airbnb, etc. The perfect example of music companies and music artists who launch and promote their music album by tying up with radio stations and TV channels, use social media, upload videos on Youtube or Vimeo. The songs of the album are repeatedly played, shared and liked, reach the right audience and eventually, listeners get hooked to the music in a very short time.


How to become a growth hacker?

For any business that is looking to employ business growth hacks, need an expert Growth Hacker with specialization, expertise, experience and is ready to use unconventional and experimental hacking tools.


You can get headhunted by a Growth Hacking marketing agency when you specialize in growth hacking marketing. First and foremost, it is good to join a good Growth Hacking course from a reputed Digital Marketing Institute. At the institute, you will develop, inculcate and learn the nuances of growth hacking in business.


When you get a Digital Marketing certification with a specialization in Growth hacking, you are sure to get many offers of growth hacking jobs.


When you join a Growth Hacking Company or any business for that matter, you will be well equipped to set measurable goals, make your product perfect, test your strategies, analyse and optimize them if needed.


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