Choose the best Social Media for your business

Are you a business owner struggling to reach a niche audience online? Do you wonder which social media platforms to market your products or services on? Learn to choose the right social media course with Alpha IRT.


Taking a good digital marketing course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to understand how popular social media platforms work.


What is the media platform?

Media or social media platforms are where businesses market in order to send across their product features to potential customers and convert leads.


There are many social media platforms in the market, but many businesses and digital marketers have this daunting question, which social media should I use for my business? The answer to this question is “it really depends on your business type and the kind of products and services you offer”.


Popular Social Media Marketing Platforms which businesses must definitely explore are:


  • Facebook: Creating a Facebook page is something you must consider. Facebook is one such platform where any business type can market their products and stay connected with their customers.


  • LinkedIn: Having a LinkedIn page for your business is going to bring targeted customers. This is where you can create and build a more of a professional and business persona. Do you mean business? Then make sure you shout it loudly here.


  • Instagram: Do you work as a Digital Marketer for an online business? Or are you an entrepreneur?, say you own an e-commerce site that sells clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc. then having an Instagram account is a must. Click beautiful pictures of the products you want to sell and upload them on Instagram and see your followers grow. Make sure you embed your website’s link on the pictures.


  • Pinterest: This is another very efficient platform where you can promote by creating multiple boards for every product or service you offer and create individual infographics for them. This way if people do an image search on Google, your business image pins will appear in searches and when they click that they reach your website.


  • YouTube: How can we forget YouTube? This is another platform that can convert leads. Create ‘how to’ videos or review videos of your products and services. This way you attract customers who are interested in your business.


Have a budget set aside to even run Ad campaigns on all the above platforms, where you can set the target audience according to locations, age, gender, interests, etc.


So your answer to the question, which social media platform should I use? is answered. Explore and learn about social media platforms in-depth and also to create Display Ads on social media platforms to expand your audience reach and also to grow your business with fewer resources.

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